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About Me

Kara Moon


Since I was a little girl, my passion has been to create.  I would spend hours in the summer months pouring through the pages from the Childcraft Encyclopedia “Make and Do” book building, creating and experimenting with every single page.  I have always loved to make something out of nothing and also to plan parties.  I planned treasure hunts for Birthday Parties, made invitations for Halloween sleepovers and created elaborate dress up outfits.  As I review my experiences that led me to where I am today, I realize that my life has been a steady pursuit to make something new.


This love of creating and sharing it with others led me to pursue a Graphic Design degree, I started and ran a business as a Wedding Planner, wrote a business plan for a gluten-free dessert company and ultimately pursued an Event Design Career.  Event Design to me is an expression of something I have always done, which is creating something beautiful, multi-dimensional for others.


Enjoué Studio is an expression of my design style and twenty years of experience in the events industry.  I have worked all over the Rocky Mountain West creating events at luxury properties, large hotels, high end resorts, private homes with tents, remote mountain locations and unexpected spaces.  Each space has its own unique opportunities to design within. It is my desire to help my clients discover what they like and then use design, art, texture, light, and shape to transform a space to entice the senses and also stir emotions that will be remembered for a lifetime.  If you are looking for an event experience, let's start a conversation to see how Enjoué Studio can create a truly unique event for you!

Enjoué - (French) en-ju-we

cheerful | playful | vivacious | overjoyed

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