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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Creative Chandeliers are like jewelry to an

event space and delicious to the eyes.

Recently, I have been exploring Denver for some new fixtures I would love to add to my growing inventory. I am searching for fixtures that are unique and will transport well to remote mountain venues and up bumpy gravel roads. In the industry of event design, there is an

expectation, with my high-end luxury clients, that anything is possible for decor. I love to deliver excellence and also love a good challenge that involves design and creative problem-solving. Researching fixtures that are truly special, beyond the "crystal chandelier" for ones that have style has been a fun project. I want to add chandeliers that can be embellished with floral blooms, greenery and worked into unique spaces.

Our style with Enjoue Studio is to combine a mixture of the past and tradition with contemporary design and touches of current trends. In the images above, all of these lighting fixtures have a sense of timelessness, created from wood, metal, and crystal. Each example draws from good design, a touch of the past and current trends in interior design. Additionally, with creativity in mind for an event space, all of these fixtures can be embellished with flowers and greenery which makes them highly versatile as new inventory items.

Have you considered adding hanging chandeliers, creative florals, or other unique structures to your event space? We would love to have a conversation about how we might assist you with some creative solutions. Contact us at

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