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New Season of Change

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

We Are Excited About a

New Season at Enjoué Studio!

The sweet peaches of late summer have come and gone, and now the golden days are waning. With each season we can be thankful for new growth and the experience it brings. Fall is now upon us and we are reminiscing about the beautiful wedding these plates were featured in @martha_weddings (September Issue - "A Dreamy Sherbet Color Palette"...). We thought you would be inspired by these plates for the next season to come. Each of the four plate patterns depicts a sophisticated and elegant change of the seasons. The two below are of Spring and Summer. Fall and Winter are also beautiful with changes in the landscape and subtle colors.

This limited-edition collection consists of four different patterns with birds, flora, and fauna. Each design was first created by a French artist, Felix Bracquemond in the late 19th century. The Haviland Company later recreated a portion of the original artwork into the Limoges Wild Bird Plate Collection. We are thrilled to be able to share them with you today. The design is truly timeless, pairs well with modern tableware, and can be used for any season.

Also paired with these lovely show plates are other items from our curated tableware rentals. For this event, we combined the Limoges Wild Bird plate with our Emma L'Adore Limoge plates, also made in France by a four-generation American porcelain company. The feminine fluted edges and the delicate gold leaf pattern complemented the other china service needs for this five-course chef-prepared meal. For another special touch, the chef used our Skandia Matte Gold Spoons as an individual hors d'oeuvres bite and we provided our petite cloches for a pre-set first course cheese course. These extra presentations were a creative response for our guest's safety in light of COVID adjustments, and also they added a beautiful personal touch to the table!

To Create this look featured in Martha Stewart

we used these items from our Tableware Collection.

Limoges Wild Bird Dinner Plate

Vintage Waterford Crystal Coupe

Louis Wine Glass Collection

Victoria Etched Water Goblet

Skandia Matte Gold Flatware Set


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